2023 Rep Application

What is a senior rep?

A senior rep is a junior going into their senior year of highschool who chooses to represent only one photography business until graduation. In exchange for representing Rachel Davis Photography through social media and word of mouth, you will receive FREE photo shoots throughout half your junior year & your entire senior year of highschool.

Am I required to come to all the group shoots?

No, you are not required to come to the free group shoots. It is definitely recommended so you can be a part of the full rep experience and so you have fresh new content to share on your social media + with your friends. If you choose not to attend a photoshoot you will need to post from a previous photoshoot on your social media when the other team members are sharing their images from the newest shoot. 

How much does it cost to be a senior rep?

The only cost to be a senior rep is to book your senior session with Rachel Davis Photography. All other photoshoots shot throughout your junior-senior year will be completely free of charge. Rates for full senior collections are $999-$2,599+tax. Payment plans are always available as well. So again, the ONLY thing you will be required to pay for as senior rep is your personal senior photoshoot. There are no other fees. Hair & makeup is also an optional add-on to any photoshoot we do together (I can send my artists + their pricing if you are interested in this) as it’s definitely something I do recommend for photoshoots.

What are the requirements to apply?

You must currently be enrolled/attend a highschool in Washington State. You must be a current junior graduating with the Class of 2023. You must be willing to share images from every shoot we do together on your social media platforms.

Can I shoot with other portrait photographers?

No, this would defeat the sole purpose of being a senior representative for a photography business. A senior rep is someone who contracts with a business to share + advertise for that specific photography business throughout half their junior year + their senior year in exchange for fun experiences, new memories, beautiful photoshoots, and gorgeous images to keep forever. You will not be able to post, share, or tag photos from any other portrait or senior photographer till after your contract is up. You will be required to sign a contract to be on the 2022 Senior Rep Team & if the contract is breached we will then void your contract and you will lose access to the senior rep perks + images. If you plan to shoot with other portrait/senior photographers throughout your senior year being a senior rep isn’t the best fit for you. 

What does Rachel Davis Photography want in a senior rep?

Having a social media presence is very important in regards to being a senior rep as that is where you will share + tag our photoshoots together. Being willing to post & share from every shoot we do together is super duper important. Being comfortable being in front of a camera (don’t worry, I will tell you every little thing to do) is also important as we will obvs be doing lots of shoots. Most importantly, your heart is EVERYTHING to me. I want humans who want to be a part of the senior rep team for way more than just free photos but also for the experiences, meeting new friends, and making memories. I also really want to have a team of seniors who hope to make the world a better place and believe that leaving things/people/places better than you found them is important.

How many photoshoots do we get to be a part of?

All senior reps will be invited to participate in all the free group photoshoots which consist of all individual images and a few group shots together. For Class of 2023 I will be planning to do at least one really stylized/themed photoshoot vs. our other shoots will be cutie more casual portrait shoots unless we agree collectively to do more stylized ideas. We will for sure be doing an intro/welcome to the team shoot in the winter or spring, your individual booked senior session in the spring, summer, or fall, a group shoot in the fall or winter, and an end of the year/grad group shoot. You are guaranteed at least 3 free photoshoots (if not more) throughout your junior-senior year.